Operator training session

Operator training

Discover how operator training can improve safety and productivity in your business.

Why choose Toyota as your training partner?

  • We help you understand your legal obligations
  • We train your supervisor & managers
  • We manage your training records
  • We provide both in-house and on-site training
  • We analyse the performance of your drivers

A productive warehouse starts with a safe workplace. Since working with material handling equipment creates a high-risk environment, it’s important to raise awareness among drivers. Knowing how to drive a forklift efficiently and safely already reduces the risk of accidents happening. This not only contributes to your employees’ safety and well-being, but also to reduce damage cost and labour cost. 

Pallets stacked for operator training session

Raise productivity in your operation

  • Improve driving skills
  • Improve operators’ motivation  
  • Improve truck knowledge

Having a properly trained team with excellent driving skills will boost the workflow in your operation. Standardisation in your warehouse will increase, and your trucks will need less service and repairs.

Training session in operator training area

Create a safety culture

  • Minimise risks
  • Starting with management
  • Direct impact on the bottom line

An effective culture of safety only works if everyone is aware of the risks and cooperates to prevent accidents. Having received correct training is therefore essential, not only for operators, but also for managers and supervisors and other warehouse staff. This way your entire team and organisation can help to improve productivity and reduce damage costs.

Driver practice picking up a pallet in a Tonero

Boost health, safety & environment

  • Less accidents
  • Less damage 
  • Less fuel consumption

Improved driving behaviour will not only reduce the risk of accidents in your warehouse, but also decrease repetitive strain injuries of your employees and lower their stress levels. This will lead to less labour and damage cost in your operation, as well as lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Woman learning to drive a truck indoors

Operator training programme

  • Duration: 1-5 days
  • Purpose: safe and efficient use of the trucks and healthy working postures
  • Where: in a classroom, at a Toyota training facility and/or on your site

The training programme depends on the amount of participants and type of machines. We provide both in-house and on-site training and help your operators to understand the different features of their trucks.

By implementing a solid safety culture you will be able to optimise not only safety, but also productivity in your operation. That’s why we also train supervisors, and with the Toyota+ programme, we offer trained instructors a training on the full range, as well as special features; and also add-on and specific trainings, such as Eco driving and I_Site.

People gathered around table for training session

In conclusion, choosing our trainings will bring

  • Better return on investment
  • Increased productivity
  • Environmental commitment
  • Longer life of equipment

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I_Site менаџмент на флоти

I_Site ја поврзува вашата флота од вилушкари, ги собира податоците и ви дава преглед на она што се случува и ви кажува како да ја оптимизирате вашата работа.

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